Elizabeth Grove

Culinary Artist

Elizabeth is a pioneer in the food effects industry. After graduating culinary school in 2004, Liz found her calling in the film production industry as a world-class food stylist. She brings a fresh approach to the craft and works hard under pressure to achieve food perfection on set.

Elizabeth Grove at the Kitchen Counter With Food

Official YouTube Channel

Elizabeth will demonstrate some of her famous food effects and food styling creations she has made for films and television and offer some behind the scenes stories of her experiences in the edible food effects industry. New videos will be posted every week, so be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon to be notified as soon as new content is available!


Food Stylist

Elizabeth has a passion for creating breathtaking food arrangements for movies, television, and photoshoots. She strives for perfection when styling food, making sure to get the best looking food possible on camera. She uses her food effects knowledge to make great looking food that can survive the working conditions of a film set.

Food effects

Liz is a pioneer in the food effects industry and has been on the forefront of the industry’s formation. She specializes in creating one of a kind food pieces for science-fiction, horror, period pieces, and more.


Liz is more than a food artist, she also has a passion for photography and wood working. Just like with her food, she creates one-of-a-kind wood pieces for all types of uses. She also has an eye for natural beauty and has a passion for photographing spider webs all around the world.